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Hydrea online dating

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Hydrea capsules may cause macrocytosis, which is self-limiting, and is often seen early in the course of treatment.

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Information about Hydrea.

The following adverse reactions are described in detail in other labeling sections:

Do not use a razoran electric razor is fineAvoid contact sports and activities that can result in injury or bleedingDo not take aspirinsalicylic acidnon-steroidalanti-inflammatory medicationsNSAIDssuch as Motrin/AdvilibuprofenAlevenaproxenCelebrexcelecoxibetcas these can all increase the risk of bleedingPlease consult with your healthcare team regarding use of these agents and all over the counter medications/supplements while on therapyDo not floss or use toothpicks and use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth.

Hydroxyurea can irritate or damage your skin if the medication comes in contact with your skinWash your hands before and after handling the capsules or the bottle.

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